Friday, October 19, 2012

Snail time!

So I can finally put this one up because the gift has been given to its new owner.

This is a snail from the pattern book 'Crocheted Softies' by Stacey Trock. Her patterns are AMAZING! So easy to understand, I've made other patterns from this book too and they all work out perfectly. The animals are so cute and animated. Love this book, and she is in the process of writing another one! Yay!

So this snail was made for my sisters friend who is having a little girl.

It stands up and everything =)

I used acrylic for the main part of the body as it is sturdier and really holds the shape well. The shell is made from bamboo cotton and is incredibly soft. I used a 3.75mm crochet hook for this. I find that it turns out much tighter and less stuffing leaks out.

I have another snail in the making currently for another special little girl.

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