Sunday, October 14, 2012

Flower Beret with Hand-dyed Yarn

Well I used up the first lot of hand-dyed yarn for a toy, pictures will come in the next few weeks as it is a gift and therefore cannot be put up until after it has been given! I decided to try again, attempting not to damage the wool as much as last time it came out rather rough. Well this time it work a charm, I didn't leave it in the hot water as long and used less vinegar. The results were fantastic! I didn't take any pictures of the dyed skeins but I already crocheted a hat out of it!

I used this free pattern:

Here are some images of the progress!

Here is the beginning of the petals.

Flower motif finished, beginning on the bulk of the hat.

All finished!

The day I finished it I wore it out with a friend to the Tesselaar Tulip Festival

Originally I really struggled with making the hat, I was used to simple toy patterns so using a variety of different stitches was a bit confusing. But I succeeded and have already made another hat for a friend! A blog post for that is coming up =)

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