Friday, September 13, 2013

Cake time!

I am lucky to have a wonderful job and to be working with some really lovely people. My boss especially is great, so as a gift for her little girls 2nd birthday, I offered to make a cake. We started bouncing ideas back and forth and eventually settled on an ombre style cake. I wanted to make a practice cake before the party, and luckily it fell on a day that we had work, as well as it being a birthday of one of my coworkers! The cake is decorated only with buttercream frosting.
Please excuse the messy fridge!!!

Purple ombre vanilla cake in the middle!

For the actual cake I decided to keep the inside cake the same, it was moist and soft and so delicious! But I wanted something a bit prettier for the decoration so I thought I'd try my hand at buttercream roses. I am so pleased with the result!

The only bad thing is I have to clean up the mess now -.-'

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