Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Slouchy Beret Hat - FREE PATTERN!

I have a tried and true favourite pattern for a beret style hat with a lovely flower motif (pattern and hat I made) but for gifting I wanted a more simple, snuggly pattern. I couldn't find a single one that I just loved, so I made my own, and after 2 failures I finally got what I wanted!
This hat pattern can be made to look slouchier by adding in extra rounds in rounds 11 to 16. 

If you notice any mistakes in the pattern please contact me at
This pattern is free for you to make items for yourself, friends and the general population. If you make these to sell I simply ask that you refer people back to my site. Also please take a picture and post it on my facebook page

Edit: I made a second hat and now this pattern has an alternate 'ending' depending on whether you want a loose band or tight band around the head

-Approx 150 metres of DK weight yarn (I used a Cleckheaton merino yarn)
-5mm and 7mm crochet hook (Please note, if you are a loose crocheter, use a 6mm hook instead of 7mm for the majority of the hat)
-Tapestry needle
-Stitch marker

This is crocheted in a continuous spiral so I highly advise using a stitch marker!
Slip stitch on to 7mm (or 6mm) hook and ch 2
Round 1: 10 HDC’s in 2nd ch from hook (10)
Round 2: HDC into first to join, HDC into same st, 2 HDC in each st around (20)
Round 3: *2 HDC in next st, HDC in next* repeat around (30)
Round 4: *2 HDC in next st, HDC in next 2 st* repeat around (40)
Round 5: *2 HDC in next st, HDC in next 3 st* repeat around (50)
Round 6: *2 HDC in next st, HDC in next 4 st* repeat around (60)
Round 7: *2 HDC in next st, HDC in next 5 st* repeat around (70)
Round 8: *2 HDC in next st, HDC in next 6 st* repeat around (80)
Round 9: *2 HDC in next st, HDC in next 7 st* repeat around (90)
Round 10: *2 HDC in next st, HDC in next 8 st* repeat around (100)
Rounds 11-16: HDC in each st (100) –Add more rows here to make hat slouchier-
Round 17: *HDC2tog first 2 st, HDC in next 8 st* repeat around (90)
For a tight hat continue with this:
Round 18: *HDC2tog first 2 st, HDC in next 7 st* repeat around (80)
Rounds 19-22: Sc in each st using a 5mm hook (80) Bind off and sew in loose ends.
For a loose hat continue with this from round 17:
Round 18 - 24: Sc in each st (90)
Round 25: *Sc2tog, then sc in 11 st* repeat 6 times then sc in last 12 st (84)
Round 26: Sc in all st (84) Bind off and sew in loose ends.


  1. Hi! Thank you for the free pattern. I am very grateful as I have been looking at lots of patterns and they look complicated. This one looks very straightforward and I will start making a beret from this pattern for my granny tomorrow. The only concern I have is that I do not know how to make it fir her head:/ Do you by any chance know how wide the beret on the photo is

  2. Sorry but that hat was a gift so I no longer have it. But it was made to fit an adult woman.

  3. Great pattern, thank you for sharing, will have to make this great looking beret.

  4. Wonderful, easy to follow. Made one today. Love it!

  5. I live in Australia and I know our stitches are different than America and other countries. Could you please let me know if there is any difference