Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sun Hat

Hi all,

So a while ago I told my lovely boss that I would be making her two little'ns hats! Her little boy got a dinosaur beanie that he just loves! I haven't got any photos of it though. I am basing a pattern off it that I need to fix up and then do another one, perhaps for my nephew.
But for her little girl, who is very fair, I decided to make a sun hat. I started it ages ago but got distracted by all my other projects. It really only got finished because I needed to get it done before I leave on friday for my holiday.

I used a pattern by Corina Gray of stitch11.com. She has SO MANY gorgeous free patterns. This is the exact pattern I used was http://stitch11.com/toddler-sun-hat/. She has also got the same pattern but for different sizes and I am going to make one for my little niece who has inherited none of her mothers gorgeous Thai skin colour! She is almost as pale as me!
I used a 5mm crochet hook with Panda brand Cotton Blend. I absolutely love using cotton/bamboo cotton. So soft! I also threaded a pink ribbon through the last row before the brim.

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